Adding Your NND App to Our Store

Adding Your NND App to Our Store

When you deploy an NND App that you have created, it is immediately available to be used on all of the Nominodes within your NND organization.  However, if you want to share your NND App with others outside of your organization, either for free or for a subscription fee, follow these steps to submit your NND App to the Nom Nom Data support team for review and publication in our store.

Submit Your App Code

The first step for adding your NND App to our store is to share all of the app's source code with our support team.  We will review the code to ensure there is no malicious content and to determine if the stated functionality appears to be implemented.  You can share your code with us in a variety of ways.  The easiest route is to create a Github, GitLab or Bitbucket source repository for your app code and add read/clone access for our support account to it.  Our GitHub account is nnd-support.

Alternatively, you can create a zip archive of your NND App folder and send that as a file attachment to  Or reach out to us at that same e-mail address to setup a different sharing method, such as FTP, Dropbox, S3, etcetera.

Create Help Documentation and an App Icon

Steps to add in-app slide out help reference and an icon for your NND App are available in our Creating Your First NND App knowledge base article,  However, our support team is happy to collaborate directly with you and create these assets for you for free, if desired.  To avail this service, just shoot us a note at to start the conversation about what is needed and how we can help.

Provide App Subscription Revenue Transfer Information

If your NND App is added to our store and offered for a subscription fee, then we will take a small portion of that fee for hosting, payment handling and maintenance costs and we will transfer the rest of the fee revenue to your bank account.  Currently, we support direct ACH transfers to bank accounts based in the United States.  Services like TransferWise can be used by developers outside of the United States to obtain U.S. bank account routing information for transfers that will then be forwarded to the local destination of their choice.  Support for additional transfer methods such as Paypal is being considered for the future.

Send an e-mail to with the following information to setup your preferred transfer method:
  1. Your Full Name or Company Name
  2. U.S. based Bank Routing Number and Account Number

Revenue Transfer Schedule

Will will initiate payment transfers on the first day of every month.  Payment receipt should occur within 3 to 4 business days.  Your portion of the subscription revenue from all of the customers subscribed to all your NND App's will combined into a single payment.  There will be a 60 day delay before you receive the revenue from a new subscriber to ensure protection against fraudulent subscriptions.

Additional Subscription Details

In the future, we will also be able automatically to provide to you with additional information such as the number of subscribers for each of your NND Apps and anonymized app usage activity details.  For now, we are happy to provide this type of information on request.

Providing NND App Support and Updates

We will provide first level usage support for all of the NND Apps listed in our store.  However, if our support team is unable to resolve a customer's issue, we will reach out to the NND App developer for assistance.  Timely responses and active assistance in providing a resolution is expected.  Failure to receive these may result in the removal of your NND App from our store and cancellation of its active subscriptions.

The process for updating your NND App to provide fixes or new features is the same as the process for submitting your NND App's code initially.  Provide our support team with the details about what code has changed and why, so that it can be reviewed.  Our support team will then facilitate the update of the version of your NND App that is deployed to customers.  It is not possible for you to directly modify the code of the version of your NND App that is available in our store.
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